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Orban, Frank

  • Person
  • 1923-09-16 to 2005-09-17

Born and raised in Szeged, Hungary. His parents died in a concentration camp in 1945, just as WWII was ending and Orban was returning home from a forced labour camp. After emigrating to Israel we was schooled in aviation mechanics by El Al Airline. He was station manager for El Al Airlines in Athens, Greece where he met and married Harriet. While visiting Canada with Harriet in 1956 he was hired by Canadian Pacific Airlines as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. He held Canadian, Israeli and US Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licences. In 1970 he was appointed as Chemist in the Engineering Department of CP Airlines where he worked until his retirement. throughout his career he collected aviation pins. Some of his collection items reach back to the start of aviation in Canada. After retirement he was active with the Quarter Century in Aviation Club and volunteering at Burnaby Village Museum.

Pacific Vocational Institute

  • Corporate body
  • 1977-1986

On April 1st, 1978, Pacific Vocational Institute (PVI) assumed its official status as an independent crown corporation. PVI was to function under one board of industrial representatives who would maintain direct financial control, planning and operation of the institution.
Appointed by cabinet, the following individuals were named to the board of governors:
Mr. Leslie R. Redford, Frank Redder, Don Fearey, Jake Wyman, Donald Doyle, E. A. Killough, T. Wyman Trineer, T. Stuart Mathieson, and Nadine Sherwin.
The PVI Board of Governors had three senior officers:
L.R. Redford 1978-1981
T.W. Trineer 1981-1984
F. Sondergaard 1985-1986

By 1983, the school registered about 23,000 students a year. Classes consisted of accounting, aviation, business administration, clerical, marketing, construction, building service, painting and decorating, food training, graphics, photography, industrial safety, instructor training, personal development, mechanical, piping, plumbing and gas, steel, welding, drafting, electrical, industrial electronics for electricians, industrial mathematics, non-destructive testing, and refrigeration.

Henry Justesen was the sole Principal of PVI, 1978-1986.

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