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Douglas DC-6 maintenance manual development materials

This series consists primarily of journal articles collected by Fernando Vachon for the development of a maintenance manual for the Douglas DC-6, an airliner built by the Douglas Aircraft Company. Also included are clipped photocopied articles, which have been arranged for copying and distributing. The manual may have been developed for Vachon’s students at PVI, though this is uncertain.

Vachon, Fernando

PVI teaching handouts

This series consists of handouts and templates created by Fernando Vachon for the purposes of copying and distributing to students in his Aircraft Maintenance courses at PVI. Handouts include blank exam sheets, blank log sheets, blank aircraft maintenance checklists, blank worksheets, assignment instructions, technical drawings, and information sheets. Also included are handwritten notes.

Vachon, Fernando

PVI course development materials

This series consists of teaching materials created or acquired by Fernando Vachon for teaching Aircraft Maintenance at PVI. These materials include handwritten notes, photocopied reference materials, journal and newspaper clippings, technical drawings, quiz and exam templates, students’ exams, and books. The majority of these files were categorized by Vachon by subject, including Sheet Metal, Ice Prevention, Propellers, Tires, Pneumatics. Subjects either correspond to course names, or subjects of units taught within these courses.

Vachon, Fernando

Vachon collected published materials

This series consists of published materials primarily to do with aircraft design and maintenance, the majority of which were likely used by Fernando Vachon as reference for teaching Aircraft Maintenance at PVI. Included are teaching guides, periodicals, pamphlets, handbooks, workbooks, study guides, an aviation dictionary, and general works about aviation. While most of the books are labeled property of Vachon, a few appear to have been textbooks assigned to Vachon’s students.

Vachon, Fernando

Vachon correspondence, 1971-1977

This series consists of four typed letters collected by Fernando Vachon. One letter, written in 1971 by P.J. Moloney, a Urologist at Vancouver General Hospital, is perhaps related to Fernando Vachon’s contribution to the construction of a hemodialysis machine. One of the letters concerns an airlift crane write-up by Vachon and Kenneth G. Fraser in 1971, submitted to Boeing Aerospace Group, Vertol Division, in Pennsylvania. The remaining two letters are to do with Vachon’s retirement from CP Air in 1977.

Vachon, Fernando

PVI curriculum development materials

This series consists of course development materials created or acquired by Fernando Vachon for teaching Aircraft Maintenance at PVI. The majority of files were arranged by Vachon according to course subject, or subject of unit within the course. The subseries is divided into two sub-subseries: PVI course development materials and PVI teaching handouts.

Vachon, Fernando

Bachelor of Technology Degrees

Subseries consists of materials related to the granting of Bachelor of Technology degrees at BCIT. Series includes reports, proposals, correspondence, letters of intent, funding requests, approval processes, committee minutes, resource materials, etc.

BCIT. Office of the President

BCIT Resource materials

Subseries consists of resource materials created by other departments at BCIT, or documents created by external institutions that have been used by the President's Office. Documents include reports, proposals, assessments, publications, etc.

BCIT Special events

Subseries consists of materials related to special events and ceremonies at BCIT. Documents include items from the 1984-1985 BCIT 20th Anniversary time capsule that was opened in 2014-10-04.

Vachon collected reference materials

This series consists of materials collected by Fernando Vachon in order to teach Aircraft Maintenance at PVI. These materials include published materials, such as books, periodicals, and handbooks, as well as non-published materials, such as handwritten notes, logbooks, flight schedules, technical drawings, organizational charts, cassette tapes, and photographs. The series contains two sub-subseries: Vachon collected published materials and Douglas DC-6 maintenance manual development materials.

Vachon, Fernando

BCIT Student Services websites collection

Subseries contains quarterly, and starting in 2020, semiannual crawls of BCIT websites that offer services to students. This includes: BCIT Indigenous Services, BCIT Program Advising, BCIT International, BCIT Recreation, BCIT Counselling, BCIT Student Financial Aid and Awards, BCIT Health Services, BCIT Recreation, BCIT Student Employment Services, BCIT Financial aid, BCIT Convocation, BCIT Library Services and Student Housing. This collection includes a one-time crawl of the BCIT House Post website.

BCIT Task forces

Subseries includes materials created by task forces formed to discuss issues and make recommendations relating to the Institute’s development and future directions. Documents include correspondence, memos, reports, etc.

Briefing notes

Subseries includes records about briefing notes, reports, analysis and recommendations that are created for purposes of decision making. Documents include reports, correspondence, memos, etc.

Travel and visitors to BCIT

Subseries includes records about official BCIT visitors and tours hosted or attended by BCIT at the senior executive level (e.g., overseas trade missions). It includes visits and tours to the BCIT facility and also tours abroad taken by BCIT representatives. Documents include reports and presentations.

BCIT President reports subseries

Subseries is comprised of President’s reports to the Education Council. Includes President’s Report to Board of Governors between 1982 and 1994. See Board of Governors fonds "Board Reports" for Principals Reports to the Board of Governors 1974-1979.

Executive presentations

Subseries includes records about executive-level presentations prepared and given by BCIT’s Deans, Directors, Vice-Presidents, and the President, usually related to BCIT, management, or related topics. Documents include speeches, lectures, and addresses.


Subseries includes records relating to financial and funding information for BCIT. Documents include reports, correspondence, invoices, etc.

Policy development

Subseries includes records of policy development and approved policies at the institute level (example: Student Conduct, Grade Appeal, etc.). It includes educational and administrative polices. Documents include correspondence, memos, reports, policy documents, etc.

Pacific Vocational Institute photographs

Subseries consists of photographs taken at BCVS and PVI. Images include students, buildings, machines, visitors, and Board members. Photographs were originally described by subject; this has been retained. Most appear to have been taken for use in the PVI publication Perspective. Series includes black and white, and colour prints, colour slides, negatives and contact sheets.

Pacific Vocational Institute

Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council core-curriculum materials for Aircraft Structural Repair Technician Program

This series consists of core-curriculum materials developed for the Aircraft Structural Repair Technician Program as a collaborative effort between BCIT and the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC). These include multiple draft copies of course materials for the program prepared by Fernando Vachon in English and French. Also included are cover pages, templates of trial sheets, indexes of materials, and handwritten notes by Vachon. The final products, the Course Outline and Instructor Guide, are available in two binders. These are each divided into sixteen courses: Shop Safety, Corrosion Control, Tools and Equipment, Sealing, Fastener Installation, Corrosion Assessment, Structural Damage Assembly, Assembly, Sheet Metal Repairs, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Composite Repairs, Composite Fabrication, Fabric Covering, Wood Structures, Fluid Lines and Conduits, and Windows and Lenses.

Vachon, Fernando

BCIT Registrar, Facilities, Research and about BCIT websites collection

Subseries consists of historic websites of BCIT's administrative departments; Admission and Registration, Facilities and Campus Development, Applied Research at BCIT, Institutional Research, Marketing and Communications, Human Resources, the Program Catalogue, Part-Time Studies, the Knowledge Base, the Learning and Teaching Centre as well as About BCIT pages, Big Info, BCIT's Indigenous Vision and BCIT's Strategic Plan, BCIT's website Redesign website, and the CARI Building. In March of 2020 daily crawls were scheduled to capture the Institute response to COVID-19.

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