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Board of Governors minutes

Subseries comprises official minutes of regular meetings including open sessions as well as the official minutes of special Board meetings. Includes: meeting minutes, agenda, agenda support papers, official appendices comprising committee minutes, committee reports, correspondence, financial statements, lists of appointments and other documents. Open sessions are open to all members of the BCIT community and the public. These records are used to document all deliberations of the Board including the passage of motions and resolutions and the approval of governing decisions.

Board of Governors reports and Board of Governors communications

Subseries comprised of reports and presentations made to the Board of Governors for internal review and to the BCIT Community regarding actions taken by the Board of Governors. As well as summaries of the Board of Governors for public consumption compiled and released by the Board Secretary. Distribution of this publication was discontinued in 1979 after which the role of reporting to the BCIT community of Board activities became part of "BCIT Developments." Includes statements issued by the Board of Governors to the BCIT community as well as the general public.

Institute memberships

Subseries includes information about institute and corporate memberships (e.g., Advanced Education Council of British Columbia, Boards of Trade, Association of Canadian Polytechnic Institutes, and Standing Committee on Educational Technology - SCOET). Documents include reports and presentations.

BCIT Organization charts

Subseries includes records about the organizational framework at BCIT. It includes organizational charts, re-organization communications, etc. Documents include function charts, departmental functions and relationships, organization records, etc.

Policy development

Subseries includes records of policy development and approved policies at the institute level (example: Student Conduct, Grade Appeal, etc.). It includes educational and administrative polices. Documents include correspondence, memos, reports, policy documents, etc.

Executive presentations

Subseries includes records about executive-level presentations prepared and given by BCIT’s Deans, Directors, Vice-Presidents, and the President, usually related to BCIT, management, or related topics. Documents include speeches, lectures, and addresses.

Travel and visitors to BCIT

Subseries includes records about official BCIT visitors and tours hosted or attended by BCIT at the senior executive level (e.g., overseas trade missions). It includes visits and tours to the BCIT facility and also tours abroad taken by BCIT representatives. Documents include reports and presentations.

Briefing notes

Subseries includes records about briefing notes, reports, analysis and recommendations that are created for purposes of decision making. Documents include reports, correspondence, memos, etc.

BCIT Task forces

Subseries includes materials created by task forces formed to discuss issues and make recommendations relating to the Institute’s development and future directions. Documents include correspondence, memos, reports, etc.

BCIT Resource materials

Subseries consists of resource materials created by other departments at BCIT, or documents created by external institutions that have been used by the President's Office. Documents include reports, proposals, assessments, publications, etc.

Bachelor of Technology Degrees

Subseries consists of materials related to the granting of Bachelor of Technology degrees at BCIT. Series includes reports, proposals, correspondence, letters of intent, funding requests, approval processes, committee minutes, resource materials, etc.

BCIT. Office of the President

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