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Board of Governors minutes

Subseries comprises official minutes of regular meetings including open sessions as well as the official minutes of special Board meetings. Includes: meeting minutes, agenda, agenda support papers, official appendices comprising committee minutes, committee reports, correspondence, financial statements, lists of appointments and other documents. Open sessions are open to all members of the BCIT community and the public. These records are used to document all deliberations of the Board including the passage of motions and resolutions and the approval of governing decisions.

BCIT Registrar, Facilities, Research and about BCIT websites collection

Subseries consists of historic websites of BCIT's administrative departments; Admission and Registration, Facilities and Campus Development, Applied Research at BCIT, Institutional Research, Marketing and Communications, Human Resources, the Program Catalogue, Part-Time Studies, the Knowledge Base, the Learning and Teaching Centre as well as About BCIT pages, Big Info, BCIT's Indigenous Vision and BCIT's Strategic Plan.

BCIT Programs and Couses website (full and part-time web-based program catalogue) from 2017-11-03

Between 1964 and 2004 this publication was called the BCIT Full-time Programs calendar. In the Fall of 2004 the format and name of this publication was changed to Path Finder. In 2007 the title was changed to Viewbook. Currently it is called Programs and Courses. Subseries consists of BCIT full-time and part time program calendars from 2017-11-03. This publication provides prospective and current students with information on the services, locations, and programs offered as well as entrance requirements, graduating requirements, fees and course prerequisites. Alternative titles: Path Finder, Viewbook, Full-Time Program calendars/Full-Time calendars.

British Columbia Institute of Technology

School of Transportation marketing materials

Subseries consists of documents relating to marketing strategies and plans, The School of Transportation website, as well as promotional material relating to the school, pamphlets, brochures, posters. Also includes materials published by the School of Transportation for use by external parties.

BCIT. School of Transportation

Office of the Dean of the School of Transportation

Subseries consists of materials retained by the dean of the school of transportation relating to the general running of the School of Transportation at BCIT. This includes correspondence, meeting packages, personal notes written by school staff, lists of students and graduates, conference packages, collaborative project materials etc.

BCIT. School of Transportation

BCIT Part-time Program Calendars

Subseries consists of the part-time studies program calendars. Between 1964 and 1995 all calendars were produced in a booklet-bound format. 1981 saw the introduction of semester-specific newsprint calendars and brochure type supplements for specific schools, trades and technologies. Part-time program calendars (from 1965 to 2006) are available in digital PDF format. The Spring/Summer 2007 Part-time Studies guide is significantly different from previous versions. It has less than half the number of pages, and the dimensions of the guide are also smaller. The publication is marketing focused, highlighting the benefits of attending BCIT part-time, and giving overviews of our areas of study. It features short descriptions of programs and subject areas, and lists the course names and codes of those offered this term. This format does not include course descriptions. Readers were directed to visit the BCIT web for these details. Single issue of Part-time studies calendar from fall 2012.

BCIT Education Council minutes and agendas subseries

Subseries consists of agendas and minutes and some committee reports. Subseries is arranged in chronological order. Minutes for the following years are missing: 1984; 1986-1993.
Includes some documents that provide background information for the various agenda items. In most cases, the documents formed part of packages that were sent to Council members, and selected BCIT officials prior to each Board meeting.
Includes some meeting packages for the BC Academic Health Council (BCAHC) which was a collaborative planning group for organizations providing health professional education in BC.

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